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Carretera de Cadiz-Malaga, Km 197 Calahonda, 29649, Mijas-Costa, Málaga

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  1. Colin Gilbey dice:

    I have suffered from back issues related to my poor posture for several years. I have previously tried physio treatment from many practitioners, Pilates, the Alexander Technique, and various other exercise classes, all with limited success. HOWEVER, in May 2013 I had treatment and advice from David which has been a revelation and fundamentally fixed my problem. His methods and techniques, with simple and effective explanations, has changed everything for me. Thank you David!!

  2. Steve Reynolds dice:

    I have suffered with a bad back, for the last 30yrs, two prolapse disc.
    Since meeting David he has taught me how to manage my injury.
    Have no hesitation to recommend David where ever I can.

  3. Miguel Alcaraz dice:

    I met David eight months ago when I was suffering discomfort in the right patellar tendon. Starting with David´s massages, advise and following his recommended exercises I have significantly improved my running performance and, currently, I am almost recovered in a 100%.

    I have no words to say thanks, David.

  4. Marian dice:

    Since 2011 David has been my fisiotherapist and coach. I felt always motivated to follow his advice. He went with me through a broken calcaneus, surgery of arthrodesis in left ankle and now escoliosis double major curve 60º.

    In three and a half years my rehabilitation process has allowed me to continue on my own and to change my life into a better one.
    Thank you David.

  5. Maria Parkes dice:

    I had a hip replaced three months ago. And I knew beforehand that even if you have a great surgeon, the physio is just as important for after care. I know people who did not have a good physio and they limp. I am better off than I was four years ago…no pain, and no limp. David has a passion for his profession and it is infectious when you are with him. Great guy!

  6. DanTE dice:

    …Dear David, many thanks

  7. Jane Rigg dice:

    David, Good to hear from you. I started seeing a physio here yesterday. I am 90% there and I do not want to settle for that. Thank you for warning me of that temptation!

  8. Ian Cooper dice:

    During an ice hockey career spanning 37 years, including 15 years professionally I had many injuries followed by treatments from professionals and David ranks up there with the best; his knowledge, energy and commitment to curing the cause is outstanding.
    I can not recommend is services highly enough.

  9. Colin Brooks dice:

    I first went to see Dr Alf Neuhaus of Clinica Sandalf, Arroyo de la Miel, on 1st October 2015, after reading a very interesting article he wrote in one of the free papers here in Spain about hyaluronic acid injections for pain relief.

    18 months earlier, I had been diagnosed by my doctor here in Spain that I had sciatica. I was told to lose weight, given repeat prescriptions for pain killers, received a course of anti­inflamatory injections and was told the pain should go away. After doing all this and also attending twice­weekly sessions at a chiropractor ́s clinic, the pain was not improving. Indeed, the pain was still so bad that just to walk a short distance was now unbearable and I was becoming more and more depressed about the whole situation as I could not see any hope of improvement or returning to a normal, pain free life…….hence my trying to seek an alternative remedy to alleviate the pain and consequently my visit to Clinica Sandalf.

    As soon as we walked into the clinic, Dr Neuhaus told me immediately that I had a problem with my right hip and a follow up x­ray confirmed his visual diagnosis…….I needed a total right hip replacement as the joint had virtually worn away. He showed me an example of the prosthesis that was necessary, explained the surgical procedure which would be carried out by himself in the Santa Elena Clinic, Torremolinos, went through the physiotherapy after care which would be carried out by David Peromingo Garcia of Peak Physio, outlined details of costs involved if we decided to proceed, etc etc. We went away, suitably impressed with Dr Neuhaus and his very professional yet down to earth evaluation and decided later that day to proceed. At last, the correct diagnosis of my problem, the solution to ending this excrutiating and debilitating pain ….hope was now at my finger tips (or should I say at Dr Neuhaus ́ fingertips) and I could get back my quality of life. We were going on a cruise, for which I had to take a wheelchair to get around, but the operation was promptly scheduled for shortly after our return, Friday the

    30th October.

    We had to be at Santa Elena for 8.00 a.m. for bloods, ECG, visit from the anesthetist etc. and to check in to our room ……yes, her indoors could join me for the duration, twin beds with private bathroom.

    Friday, 30th October 2015:

    Dr Neuhaus arrived at 8.30 a.m. and ran through the procedure etc, and whilst my partner and I were both naturally concerned and quite anxious about the operation ahead, his very relaxed manner put us both at ease….so into the operating room I go for the epidural and something to knock me out for the duration………and the next thing I remember…….Dr Neuhaus saying that the operation had been a complete success and that David the physio would be in at around 5.00 p.m. that same day to get me up and out of bed…………….seriously……..and he would be back himself in the morning to see me. Sure enough, David arrived and had me up and walking to the private bathroom with the help of a walking frame…..unbelievable!! He gave me some gentle physio exercises to perform in bed and said he would return the next day too. A restless night but the nurses were very attentive and brought pain relief at the touch of a button.

    Saturday, 31st October 2015:

    David returns early this morning and gets me up and walking with crutches. Dr Neuhaus also returns to check on me ……both are very pleased…….so am I. Both will return tomorrow.

    Sunday 1st November 2015:

    David arrives early…….more physio with him and more physio exercises for me to perform by myself but he is pleased with my progress and has reported this to Dr Neuhaus who calls in later that afternoon and changes my dressing…..he is also pleased with my progress and the healing of the wound. Then, the icing on the cake……..he discharges me and we can go home…….really….it ́s Sunday evening and I only checked in on Friday morning…….bring it on!!! Well, the rest, I am now pleased to say, is history……..especially the pain!!!! After having the stitches out by Dr Neuhaus, regular check ups and x­rays, physio sessions in and out of the pool with

    David, it is now the 17th February, 2016 and I feel absolutely great. I no longer use crutches or a stick at all. It ́s like a huge burden has been lifted from me and I can enjoy life again. I take regular walks, exercise and now swim nearly every day in the pool and am truly grateful to all who have made this possible. I now have my life and my mojo back!!!

    Sincere, heartfelt thanks to my surgeon, Dr Alf Neuhaus of Clinica Sandalf, my physiotherapist David Peromingo Garcia of Peak Physio, and also the nursing staff at Santa Elena Clinic. P.S. By the way Alf, that ́s the neatest piece of embroidery I have ever seen!!!!

    Colin Brooks, Benalmadena Costa

  10. Florian Grueb dice:

    Ich hatte über Jahre hinweg starke Rückenschmerzen und andere kleine weh wehchen.
    Dann habe ich David besucht wegen einem komischen Schmerz in der Seite.
    Das war ne Kleinigkeit fur David danach hatten wir uns kurz unterhalten über sonstige Probleme mit dem Rucken.
    Nach kurzem reden und einigen Übungen war der schmerz schon viel besser.
    Nach nun mehreren Wochen mit meinen tagtäglichen Übungen sind die schmerzen von der selbst Ärzte gesagt haben das sollte operiert werden vollständig verschwunden.

    Ein riesiges danke an David und alles was er fur mich getan hat.
    Ein echter Profi auf seinem Gebiet!!!

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